About us

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Established in 2016, Little Angels Group provide children with unique experiences, from birth to 11 years. Committed to providing Quality Childcare and Education, our passion is their future.

The Little Angels Group of childcare provision, has moved from strength to strength, expanding into the many stages of childcare, supporting families in Meriden and the surrounding areas.


By joining us at Little Angels, you become part of our community, forming friendships not only for your children, but for the whole family.

We pride ourselves on supporting and caring for children through every stage of their childhood. We aim to smooth the transitions from home life to school readiness at all ages and promote development both emotionally and educationally.

A play-based approach which provides early childhood education in readiness for school, Little Angels Group supports children to develop their strengths, skills and creativity in a safe, caring, friendly environment.

our TEAM:
Rachel Platt
Rachel Platt

Owner, Group Founder & SENCo

Hayley Tizick
Hayley Tizick