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Our setting is designed to support your child as their learning capacity grows preparing them for school. With the emphasis still very much on play we offer children the opportunities to further develop their social skills, their communication and listening, their creativity and their physical skills. Through interesting and enjoyable planned topics, we also explore the other areas of the Foundation Stage curriculum – learning to understand the world around us and introducing more literacy and mathematics.


We have clearly defined areas across the hall, with a book corner, a large role play area, small world and construction space. Also we focus on creativity and messy play where children are able to experiment with paint, collage, sand and water play. Messy play is very popular, and the children love to explore the different textures- it may be ‘Dinosaurs in jelly’, ‘Penguins in ice’ or ‘Washing our dolls’ with lots of bubbles but it always creates lots of communication between the children.

We use a wide range of age appropriate and culturally diverse toys and books to aid our learning, so we have imaginative and structured play. With daily teaching moments children are learning about shapes, colours and numbers through fun and stimulating play. Story time, role play, small world play, art, construction and table top activities are on offer and our staff will support your child’s learning through a mix of adult led and child led play. The children will communicate their needs and gain an increased understanding of the world around them and how it works.

Our days are structured by the EYFS (early years foundation stage) and we enjoy a letters and sounds session most days and supporting children’s skills in developing the ability to define the different sounds they hear and make. This gives them the underpinning knowledge to later recognise the difference between and B and a P complementing the Early Years Curriculum. We work with parents to follow your usual home routine. After lunch we have a quiet area and cosy bed mats for those who still need that gentle nap. We also follow your child’s routine when offering potty training support.


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